Itinerary For the Retreat 2021

Big Creek Trail

Bitterroot National Forest, MT 

Day 1 - Fly in to Missoula and get to your hotel

              Settle in and get cleaned up. Dinner will be a backyard                BBQ. The night will be an early one. You will get back                  to your room to pack your things up and get a good                      night sleep.

Day 2 - We leave very early. Grab breakfast at the hotel. Stop                    in for coffee and head to the trail.

              This day will be as long as we would like to make it.                      Dark won't come until around 9 pm so we have some                  time if we need to take it easy in places on the trail. 

              We will have lunch on the trail and once we get to the                  camp site we will set up and prepare for dinner. After                dinner, clean up, and time by the fire we will settle in                  for the night. 

Day 3 - Breakfast and coffee/tea to start.