Respond To Wellness began when a need for mental health awareness for our first responders was brought to the surface. First responders will be there on your worst day doing what they do best. The things they see and the things they experience however, leave a mark. The suicide rate amongst our first responders is 8 times the national average and the PTSD is comparative to combat veterans. 


This retreat will be taking place in the Bitterroot National Forest out side of Victor, Montana. The trail is Big Creek Lake via Big Creek Trail. This trail is the perfect trail for a wilderness back packing trip due to the streams that flow through it and the Lake at the end. With almost 10 miles to hike to the lake this trail gives our responders time in the back country to reflect. A hike like this is also the perfect time to get to know each other and gives us all the opportunity to help each other out. For more information on this particular trail please click on the button below.



The First Annual Retreat

June 10 - 15th, 2021

Who Organized


Who is going

Mountain Mamas Outfitter is out of Missoula, MT. They first got the idea to put on a retreat like this after seeing the toll suicide placed on the responders that were left behind after a brother lost the fight and the need to prevent it from happening again. Partnering up with LiebePR and Evoke Changes Outdoors was a no brainer. To put this all together we needed someone to help spread the word about the needs of our first responders when it comes to their mental health, a PR rep like no other and someone who specializes in therapy with first responders and veterans and is at the forefront of Adventure Therapy. We have an amazing team of people putting this together. To learn more about the partners please click the buttons below. 

The Recipients 

The word spread about this retreat amongst several different first responder focused social media outlets. In 2 days there were 147 applicants and from that 6 were selected. Applicants are from all over the lower 48 states and all have a background as a first responder, Police, Fire, or EMS. To learn more about our selected please click on the link below.  This retreat is fully paid for each recipient. By the help of our sponsors. 

The First Responders

How this is Possible

This retreat would not be possible without the help of you and that of our sponsors. If you are interested in donating or you are a business and would like to be a sponsor please contact